• Zámek Slatiňany, autor: Lukáš Zeman, nepodléhá Creative Commons

  • Pracovna knížete, autor: Josef Vostárek, nepodléhá Creative Commons

  • Terasa

  • Růžový salon, autor: Josef Vostárek, nepodléhá Creative Commons

  • Zámek Slatiňany, autor: Lukáš Zeman, nepodléhá Creative Commons

  • Nádvoří



Dear visitors, chateau Slatiňany is open (Winter tour), garden is closed.

The tours are guided only in Czech, English text for the Winter tour is not currently available, we are working on the translation.

Thank you for understanding.


Opening hours for the Winter tour in January.
Tours begin at 10:00, 13:00 and 15:00 (th, fr, sa) and at 11:00 (sa).
We recommend to buy tickets online.


Welcome to the official website
Formerly a simple manor of local gentry, it became a favourite summer seat of the powerful Princes of Auersperg for almost 200 years. Come and hear the stories of a family, passionately loyal to the monarchy and the Kaiser, admiring everything English and making their home in the heart of Bohemia.
A wedding can change not only lives of people, it can also change a destiny of a place.
In 1878 Franz Joseph Prince of Auersperg married countess Wilhelmine Kinsky. They chose to reside in the chateau of Slatinany and made the place what it is today. The house became the favourite family home, inhabited from late spring till Christmas. Their children were born and raised here, the family friends visited and during the hunting season many a guest were entertained here. The house became a beloved home and you are invited to feel the atmosphere for yourself.




Instructions for visitors - emergency measures against the COVID-19 pandemic