COVID-19 pandemic

Conditions of operation of the landmarks under the National Landmark Institute during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Due to the emergency measures against the spread of coronavirus, strict rules of visitor conduct are in place. In case of non-compliance to the rules, the visitor will not be allowed onto the premises or will be banished without the right for compensation, even if they had paid the admission.
  • Individuals subject to mandatory quarantine or individuals suffering the symptoms of a viral infection (high fevers, dry cough, breathlessness, muscle pains etc.) aren’t allowed to enter the premises, including the parks and gardens.
  • It is necessary to enter the premises exclusively with covered airways (facecloth, veil, respirator, scarf, protective screen, etc.) and to have them covered for the entire stay on the premises of the landmark (garden, park, castle, chateau etc.) in accordance with the governmental emergency measures against the spread of coronavirus.
  • The visitors will not be allowed to take the guided tour without covered airways, even if they purchased a valid ticket. In such a case, they will have no right for a refund of the ticket.
  • The visitors not bound to cover their airways due to medical reasons in accordance with the governmental emergency measures has to prove it with a written validation of the fact.
  • It is necessary that the visitors keep a 2 meters distance (roughly half a horse) between each other unless they come from the same household.Gathering of people is forbidden, whether in parks, gardens, courtyards, and other exterior as well as interior spaces. Especially spaces in front of the toilets, cash desks, refreshment windows, vending machines, and souvenir shops. Visitors must keep 2 meters distance. Eating and drinking is permitted only 10 meters away from the window.

  • Visitors must disinfect their hands before entering the places of selling (cash desks, visitor centers, etc.) and toilets.

  • Contactless purchase of tickets is preferred (online purchase or via contactless card terminal).

  • Visitors must follow any other directions given by a National Landmark Institute employee. Failing to do so, they may be banished from the premises.
  • Until further notice, the guided tours are restricted to 12 visitors excluding the guide. Tickets are available online ahead of time.